Friday, February 22, 2013

Setting Forth

There are a few hours before I head on down the pike to Logan, and I seem to have decided not to spend this time sleeping. Suddenly there are lots of things to do before I go! Yet, my bags are packed; the only remaining item is this laptop, and I'm sure it will be glad not to have me poking it at for a while.

I am nervous! In a good way. Our pack leader, Professor Owens, recommended the book Married to Bhutan before we depart, and I heartily recommend it to you in turn. It's only two bucks to buy online, and the author, Linda Learning, shares many interesting and clever and heartwarming stories about her experience as an American woman who becomes completely taken with Bhutan, and moves there to teach. She falls in love with and marries a Bhutanese man, and they have a very captivating life together. Not to fear, I do not intend to get married this semester. But WE'LL SEE.

Clearly, the pre-departure jitters have got a good hold on me. I'm sure it will burn off once I'm settled on the plane, especially since I have the lucky ability of sleeping just about anywhere. I fly first to D.C., then all the way to Tokyo on a 14 hour leg, then to Bangkok where we will spend the night before leaving for Paro, Bhutan the following morning. We will be flying with one of eight pilots in the world who land in Paro. Wheeeee. And then I will be in the Himalayas. I expect to leave my lower jaw at the airport--I figure this will save me the trouble of having to pick it up every time it drops while we explore Bhutan. I can't wait to share some of these thrills with you.

I would like to say something profound to you right now. Yet, I think all I can contribute from this moment is the feeling of an exhilarated stillness. I feel ready.

p.s. I think the first thing I will play on the plane tomorrow is Eddie Vedder's Into the Wild soundtrack. Listen with me?


  1. Oh yay, you activated comments! I hope you had an easy trip and that you got some rest on the flights. I can't wait to hear about how beautiful it is, so that I can be uber jealous :) Great soundtrack choice too by the way. <3 <3

  2. I listened to Eddie Vedder en route Patagonia tooooo! Also, I'm pretty certain Linda Learning was one of the people the author explored Bhutan with in a chapter of the book I was reading before I left the States--I'll check out that book!
    Also, I miss you tremendously. Nooo kidding.


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